It all started in 2008 at the end of the summer.  My husband and I took a vacation to Cancun Mexico as a wedding anniversary trip…  We had been married a few years prior and everything was “normal” – he and I both had good jobs, we owned a home, and had a great group of friends we surrounded ourselves with.  After the trip ended and we returned home we both returned to work like one does at the end of a vacation.  Unfortunately this would not be a ‘normal’ return to work for me.  Within that first week back I was pulled into my bosses office and was told that the entire company was getting downsized and I unfortunately didn’t make the cut.  Time to panic….

So fresh off a vacation and now with plenty of time to kill, I was faced with a decision:  Do I start interviewing to find another job working for someone else or do I take control and start my own business?  I chose the lather… I mean latter (pardon the pun) and with the support of my husband I started down the path to owning and running my own soap business.

The original company was called Black N’ Tan Soaps which I named after our black and tan coon hound.  During those early years I perfected my craft and learned alot about what makes good soap (and what doesn’t).  There is more to my story but you’ll have to read the next chapter to find out what happens next  🙂